Sunday, February 19, 2006


Are u a Bush Hater?!! This site, is a must see for is funny and at the same time critically portrays the harm Bush administration is doing to America.. And while u r there, do read the comments - some of them are as hilarious as the write up itself! Here is an example,

"Is there even the slightest chance that Bin Laden is planning an attack on President Moron? Surely he must have resources " :))))))

But, this sort of freedom is the great thing about USA.....I am not sure a guy can host a website similar to this in India and getaway with it, esp if it gains popularity!!!! Well I hope those things will soon have to change, given people’s increasing awareness of their rights. [If there is a similar site in the Indian context, please do bring it to my notice]

And u dont need three guesses to figure out my opinion about W.Bush!!!!!!!


sundeep said...

hey Sowmya,

don't know about a website as such but then even in India people have the freedom of speech and expression... there are open debates on several issues on NDTV and other news channel... one can write to the editors of various shows (there is a show called Shekhar Suman show just like the J Leno show over there)taking a dig at politicians...

Just another thot: Is excessive freedom any good ? People take undue advantge of it at times ... I personally feel that the decay of western culture (and now it has crept in the Indian/Asian culture as well) has been due to excessive freedom... what are ur thots ?

Wundergal said...

Ya I know about all the media u r talking about Sundeep. But wat i meant was the ridicule that President moron website is upto... There is a difference between reporting and insulting - that is wat I meant! Yeah I havent really watched the Shekar Suman show - maybe close..

Excessive freedom?? Well U have given me the topic for my new post... Keep Waiting!

Anonymous said...