Thursday, February 16, 2006

I dint want to.........

"I will not write about Rang De Basanti in my blog" I told myself as I left for the movie today evening.... But man wasnt I blown away!!!..I just cant refrain myself from applauding the beautiful effort thats gone into making it...great job guys. special mention - Rahman's music, esp background score rocks!

I dont necessarily agree with the movie though! it doesnt make sense to kill a rotten politician and get urself killed - as a terrorist that too! There is a dialogue in a Tamil movie "nee Kshatriana irukrahde vida Chankayana irukradhudhaan mukkiyam" - It is better to be Chankaya [cunning and calculative] than being a Kshathriya [a warrior] - I totally believe it. If u are standing up against something and something as sinister as the Indian political system, u've got to use ur brain as much as u use ur heart. You've got to hit in the right manner at the right time and get away with the minimum possible damage on urself! Well, as moved as I was by the first half and beginnings of the second half, the solution it provided in the end was just adrenlaine pumped ruthless reaction. I just wish it was instead planned and executed ingenious coup of the corrupt political system!!!

But hey twas a movie and I enjoyed every minute of it!

I love watching movies on the big screen and this one just made me want to get up and scream,

"INQUILAB ZINDABAD - Vande Mataram!!"

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Abhishek said...

Even I was thinking after the movie, whether this guys did the right thing to get killed? Probably their mission was only to revenge their friends dishonor. But since the movie came from the context of Bhagat Singh, I felt they should have followed his path.

After all Bhagat Singh was not shot after throwing bomb in parliament. He used that platform as an opportunity in form of court case to catch the imagination of then Indian youth and involve them in mainstream independence movement.

I would have preferred "DJ and team" to battle out in court room exposing the system rather than barging radio station and "committing suicide". But guess they already knew what verdict the court will give on Jessica Lal.

Anyway saying everything, a very good thought provoking and inspiring movie. Not many movies do this.