Friday, July 07, 2006

Snap shots from the last week!

Sunday - My first dunking at arbitly dunked on A's birthday, cos I hadnt been dunked before. Wish the day had been warmer! It was great fun to get dunked, but not so much when I had to drag my heavy wet jeans & t-shirt back home with chill winds making me shiver!!!

Tuesday: DMOP class
The CP king of sec A is in deep conversation with Prof.Milind Sohoni and suddenly SK's computer goes "Tujhe dekha tho ye jaana sanam..."[another casualty of unmuted laptops]...We were all laughing and the prof waited for us settle down and then goes "I dint know u had such feelings for him[CP king]" leading to another round of guffaws....

Wednesday: GLEC class
5 minutes into the class SM gets off her seat walks up to the prof, and suddenly starts rummaging the table [where extra handouts usually lie]. The prof is perplexed...and SM says " I dint get handouts". Prof is even more perplexed, " they were given out in last class". SM returns with a sheepish grin while the entire class had a good laugh!

Thursday: Marketing Decision making class:
We discussed the "optical distortion.Inc" (ODI)- a case study about how a Harvard MBA develops contact lenses for poultry chickens, in order to reduce cannibalisation and food intake in the birds, thereby yielding economic benefits for the farmer. My takeaway from the case - "When you are too passionate about wat u r doing, u fail to see the shortcomings of whatever it is u r indulging in. Always analyse ur ideas from a detached third person perspective to see it's "real" value. Else ur mistakes will come back to haunt u."
We had to create a marketing plan for these lenses and our groups promo statement for the lens was "ODI - Kill the cannibal in your chicken"(Courtesy: ME:))

So life at the peaceful campus if ISB goes on..(err..that is the influence of reading too much Asterix )


Akshit said...

Nice post - it is good 2 see all this documented in one place.

Swapnil Nadkar said...

hey, i tagged you. check out my blog.


Kapil said...

grt...waise need some advice...get the dope on my blog

Wundergal said...
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Wundergal said...

thanks Akshit! Swapnil, thanks for bestowing a tag.. will take care of it!
kapil - I did visit ur blog...cant really make out wat advice u need.. mail me at

George Stein said...

Ha - we are doing the ODI case as well. Chicken contact lenses? I guess somebody has to do stuff like this....