Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I have been tagged twice over first by Bonet and then by Swapnil.. high time I took care of it.. SO here we go...

I am thinking - what is the world coming to!

I said – Life is to live, just live it out!

I want- A world where there is no suffering and violence (No - I am not contesting for a beauty pageant or elections - I really mean it)

I wish – A fairy would come to me and grant me wat I want (above)

I miss – Sam & D

I hear – all the garble SS blurts out and even try to make sense out of it

I wonder – Why some people have easier and better lives than others...

I regret – nothing

I am - a die hard optimist

I sing – all the time

I dance – with passion when there is my kinda music

I am not –thin

I write – to destress and sometimes to vent frustrations

I hate - cowards

I confuse – career and family

I should – act more professional, be more aggressive and work a lot harder!

I tag- Megha, Boo (high time this tag went out of ISB:))

PS : though I wan to write about several things, for some reason I dont feel like doing it.. so forgive the long gap between posts!