Sunday, July 16, 2006

wat can I say?

News about exams at ISB is now so stale and happens every other week that u readers are going to kick me if I start off with my "Boo hoo, I have exams.."cribbing..Well if your life was plagued with exams like mine is u would empathise with me.
Yup, so here we are , at the end of second term, 25% MBAs, brains steaming with the overload of knowledge while u out there have sinfully wasted and enjoyed ur weekend (Hey I do have the right to be jealous, envious maybe even a tad bit vindictinve)
Like Calvin says, the funny thing about life is, it never gets so bad that it cant get worse! Today has been really bad for me, and u would understand y I quoted Calvin in the previous line!
Two more days to freedom....if I survive......(ok that was a lil exaggerated but it always creates the effect)


Kapil said...

heyy !! if all goes well I will be a part of ACE 2006 on sunday ...hope 2 catch ya thr :)

Wundergal said...


Kapil said...

all didnt go well :(